This fish is my first attempt at creating a more displacement-oriented board. 

It features a rather aggressive vee from nose to mid-point, flattening and returning to a vee above the fins and through the tail.

It is a super responsive, low-railed, almost zero tuck, monster of a thing that excels in hollow, fast beach breaks. 

The canard-quad setup is my own recipe, a tighter bunch than what is commonly used in more modern builds. The amount of bite and control is frankly quite incredible.

There's a funny story that involves gold glitter, a faulty plastic container, and a compressor set really high that explains that death-at-the-disco glitter job on the deck, I'll tell you all about that some other time.

The tail patch and fin design is a cotton inlay.

Plenty used, never dinged. 7/10. Some wear and tear visible.


150EU Including VAT


"The initial shock comes from the first turn. You'd never expect a board with so much tail to turn so easily and so smooth..." - Says basically anyone who ever tried this board. 

For adventurous, heavy back-footer, summer freaks only.

This is by far the flattest rocker I've ever put into a board, teamed with the wide outline this beast plains over sections faster than you can imagine.

This Mini-Simmons-type board features a flat entry, a concaved mid-section, and a flat tail with a slight panel.

I was lucky enough to get plenty of advice from Jim Hines of Huntington Beach, a true master craftsman and a champion of the Twinzer-keel setup. The front canards are slightly more canted and toed than the back keels, slicing and clearing a path through the water, allowing the keels to work more efficiently, and by efficiently I mean "mind-blowing".

Excels in 2ft.-5ft. beach breaks, but also loves a long wall at your local point.

Cotton inlay on deck, low, knifey rails that slice and dice a face, as rails should.

Used and dinged once in the nose, 7/10. Some wear and tear visible.


150EU including VAT


Can't beat an old classic.

A modern twist on a traditional outline, rolled entry, double barreled concave inside a triplane, and a vee out the tail.

Does exactly what you'd expect a fish to do, and a bit more.

Medium-sized low rails, a beak and a flat deck - plenty of foam that can carry a slightly heavier surfer.

The fins are basically a Hobie keel template with a cut, making them extra flexy. 

Resin swirls, a clean cut lap, all work is done with pigmented resin.


Slight use and never dinged, 9/10.

400EU including VAT


A mega-groveler. 

This quad features a modern bottom, low phat rails, and is "The most fun I've had on a board in a long time!" according to a surfer I truly respect.

A wide-point-forward, bullet-inspired outline will turn any day at your local beach break into heaven-on-earth.

The fins are bunched together and produce a great amount of speed and hold insane out of turns. The wide tail provides pl5"enty of carry through dead sections.

Flat deck and plenty of foam up from to help get you into stuff you're not supposed to get into.

Used twice, never dinged. 10/10.

450EU including VAT



This board is the beginning of my love affair with flex tails.

A single to a double and chined rails make this board love rail-to-rail action, and the flex tail rewards back-foot surfing like you've never felt before.

Although featuring a flat rocker, the tail responds to pressure and takes on the shape of the wave during the drop and in and out of turns.

An inwards arching beak and a flat deck provide plenty of foam for the board to be surfed from the front and experience glide not commonly found on smaller boards.

the glassed on, narrow-based flex fin works with the tail and is basically a massive sling once you learn how to drive it.

loves steeper, hollow waves, but is a fun, responsive board at below-average conditions.

Lightly used, never dinged, 9/10.

350EU including VAT



This twin-fin egg features an impressive single all the way through the board, with a special series of concaves between the fins, creating an amazing sense of lift when taking a high-line.

A rather performance-oriented rocker makes this board loose and responsive, allowing a tight turning radius and a more familiar feeling for folks used to riding shortboards and who are looking to change things up.

Sharp down-rails with minimal tuck mean the board bites and releases with very little effort, this was taken into account and the fin position and size counteracts and provides plenty of hold, meaning the board doesn't slide.

The bottom is pigmented in "E.R/Hospital Green".

The board itself has been used extensively and was dinged and repaired once (bottom, above the right fin), no pressure dents whatsoever. 6/10. Some wear and tear visible.

200EU including VAT



Designed for my dad as a twin+trailer, this board is a mash of some of his favourite elements in board design; neutral wide-point and rocker, down rails that still hold plenty of foam, a more domed deck and a generous nose area to help with paddling.

He has now moved further towards the dark side and prefer his log on most days.

The board will be an excellent choice for a beginner, or a heavier surfer looking for something to ride on smaller days, without compromising performance.

The board is glassed heavy and was glossed, resulting in a heavier board, making it feel much more like a PU than an EPS/Epoxy construction.

Used plenty, never dinged, 8/10. Meant to be ridden as a twin works great as a thruster. I prefer it with stiffer fins. Some wear and tear visible.


250EU including VAT


Introducing "Big Red".

A magic board, simple as that.

A mid-length/Pig/transition era design that I've enjoyed immensely. Set a line and go, let the D fin do the rest. Take a step back and the board will pop off the tail. A board for surfers who enjoy driving.

Features a flat-to-rolled bottom, round, balanced rails, and no hard edges in site, this is a wave-hugging machine that sucks and pushes into the face of the wave, allowing for effortless trim and glide on small and bigger days.

The rocker is pretty flat and has a kick in the nose, for extra help with steeper, hollower conditions.

It might not look it, but it turns on a dime too due to a generous roll on the bottom.

Pigmented deck,  and a couple of leaves thrown in for good measure.

Used often, never dinged, 8/10. Some wear and tear visible.

350EU including VAT.


My humble attempt at involvement-era boards.

Reversed template and rocker, flat and foiled, devilishly fun log, the furthest you can get away from modern HP longboards and still remain above the 9' mark.

With super thin foiled rails and rolled bottom, this board responds immediately. Loves a dancer, rewards precise footwork and stepping toes.

A perfect vessel for an intermediate or a seasoned longboarder looking to take it to the next level, will make a trooper out of any beginner looking to improve their style and understanding of how to make a board dance.

Features fabric inlays in the deck, tail and fin.

Used but never dinged, 8/10.


600EU including VAT.