This board features a timeless wide-point-forward design, with a beak and fuller down rails, making for monster in small, mushy surf.

A low, gradual rocker in the nose flattens all the way to the tail.

A flat entry into a double concave, buried inside a gentle tri-plane makes this board super responsive and transition from rail to rail effortlessly.

The flex-tail itself is a thing you have to feel in order to fully understand. The glass panel is progressively foiled, creating a lively off the tail feel and a sling effect out of bottom turns.

The board features paper inlay art (not painted) and comes with a special, high-flex fin.


450EU including VAT

The Twinzer has become my favourite fin setup. A rather uncommon site, the responsiveness and speed produced by the front canards, along with the four channels in the tail and a double-barreled makes this board take flight in good waves.

A pin tail and fluted wings provide plenty of hold in hollow surf and a must for those of us who favour long, arching turns.

The board features paper inlay art (not painted) and comes with a set of custom made fins.

A wide-point-forward and a beak nose mean plenty of foam under your chest for early entry and cheater-fives galore.


550EU including VAT

This board is a nod to past masters and their understanding of form and function.

A pointy-nose egg, this board features a slightly paneled entry, to a double concave, to a vee right above the wing.

The wings themselves are fluted, meaning that the thickness of the rail is reduced to about half it's size, working with the break in the outline and creating a clear, dominant point from which the board wants to pivot.

A stretched beak and a flat deck mean this board will carry a heavy rider well and will facilitate effortless glide and early entries.

Features paper inlay art, not painted.

Comes (and recommended to use) with a custom made, stiffer single fin, although a custom fin is included in the price according to the rider's preference.



650EU including VAT