Making Mom Proud Again

Published on 10 May 2020 at 18:48

A culture represents the links, the connections, the web that individuals build between different aspects in their collective lives and bringing them together under one or several core truths.

Surfing culture is what keeps surfing from being a mere physical activity or just another sport. It's an embedded, strongly rooted feature of this world. 

I first met Yonatan whilst he was travelling through Chania on vacation with his wife. He passed by the shop and we spoke for a while, and I could immediately see how stoked he was about the whole D.I.Y approach, on the idea of making things with his own hands, anything at all.

We agreed to collaborate, and a few months later he showed up armed with a camera and a positive, creative state of mind.

What followed were two weeks of mayhem - we surfed and traveled the island, hunting and filming in below average conditions, while simultaneously shaping him a board of his own, filming the whole process, linking, connecting dots, building a web between different aspects of our collective, creative lives and bringing them together - we were making culture. We didn't have a lot of luck with the waves, but we managed to focus and capture the process of building a board in a really special way, each and every step of it.

I'm beyond stoked to present to you the first ever shaping short film made in Greece, may it be the first out of many.



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